40597 · 26808509 - 1
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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

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At this site we maintain a list of the 5000 Largest Known Primes which is updated hourly. This list is the most important databases at The Prime Pages: a collection of research, records and results all about prime numbers. This page summarizes our information about one of these primes.

This prime's information:

field (help)value
Description:40597 · 26808509 - 1
Verification status (*):External
Official Comment:
Unofficial Comments:This prime has 1 user comment below.
Proof-code(s): (*):L3749 : Meador, Srsieve, PrimeGrid, LLR
Decimal Digits:2049571   (log10 is 2049570.04324212)
Rank (*):72 (digit rank is 1)
Entrance Rank (*):22
Currently on list? (*):short
Submitted:12/27/2013 18:05:33 CDT
Last modified:12/28/2013 00:00:55 CDT
Database id:116744
Status Flags:Verify, TrialDiv
Score (*):48.8337 (normalized score 110.5089)

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