4 · 3980925 + 1

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Description:4 · 3980925 + 1
Verification status (*):Proven
Official Comment (*):[none]
Proof-code(s): (*):L4962 : Baur, Srsieve, NewPGen, LLR
Decimal Digits:468021   (log10 is 468020.768845876)
Rank (*):4590 (digit rank is 1)
Entrance Rank (*):3222
Currently on list? (*):yes
Submitted:7/10/2019 16:37:03 CDT
Last modified:7/11/2019 15:20:24 CDT
Database id:126641
Status Flags:Verify, TrialDiv
Score (*):44.302 (normalized score 1.0642)
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