13 · 21499876 + 1

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Description:13 · 21499876 + 1
Verification status (*):Proven
Official Comment (*):Divides GF(1499875,3)
Proof-code(s): (*):g267 : Grobstich, NewPGen, PRP, Proth.exe
Decimal Digits:451509   (log10 is 451508.77971986)
Rank (*):6741 (digit rank is 1)
Entrance Rank (*):17
Currently on list? (*):short
Submitted:12/30/2004 03:58:54 CDT
Last modified:12/30/2004 03:58:54 CDT
Database id:72917
Status Flags:none
Score (*):44.1917 (normalized score 0.776)

Archival tags:

There are certain forms classed as archivable: these prime may (at times) remain on this list even if they do not make the Top 5000 proper.  Such primes are tracked with archival tags.
Generalized Fermat Divisors (bases 3,5,6,10,12) (archivable *)
Prime on list: yes, rank 20, weight 46.756698596811
Subcategory: "Divides GF(*,3)"
(archival tag id 187053, tag last modified 2021-02-26 11:20:20)
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