Submit a Single Prime 'Blob'

Using its' Full-Digital Expansion

Use this page to enter a single prime that does not have a short algebraic description (or one that for some reason can not be calculated quickly by our parser such as partition numbers for large arguments).  This page adds the prime to the 'prime_blob' table in the 'prime' database.  Once there, it can be easily submitted to the prime list.  (A 'blob' is just a MySQL term for a large chunk of data.)

Who should we contact with questions about this submission? (Enter the database ID or username of your prover-account)

What number do you want to submit?   (Suggestions)
Input the number (all of the digits, whitespace okay):

Description for the prime (line as it will show in prime list--place in double quotes if not parsable) (guidelines)   Suggestion: Leave blank to have the routine automatically fill it in!
Explanation for the prime (will be linked to the prime, use NULL for none): (guidelines)

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