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Sadly we must part company here, I must move on to my other work and leave you to explore the primal sounds on your own. Why not use the primal sounds program and create your own prime music! If you can think of some clever way to use these prime sounds (especially in teaching), please let me know.


A related project I have placed on hold while I do my other work, is a program to play the factorizations of sequences of numbers. The low primes are used to determine what percussion instrument to play, the next larger primes are mapped to one instrument, and the larger ones (modulo some base) are mapped to a second. If the integer is divisible by a power (greater than one) of the prime, then that prime's "note" is played louder. Below is an example.

The factorizations of the first 300 positive integers played as above (primes less than 17 give percussion, primes from 17 up to 59 are played using "Orchestra Hit," and the larger primes are played modulo 41 on FX8. EAR
The integers beginning at 10000000 played in the same fashion EAR

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