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S. Battiato and W. Borho, "Breeding amicable numbers in abundance. II," Math. Comp., 70:235 (2001) 1329--1333.  MR 2002b:11011
Abstract: In a first article of this title, new procedures were described to compute many amicable numbers by "breeding" them in several generations. An extensive computer search was later performed (in 1988), and demonstrated the remarkable effectiveness of this breeding method: the number of known amicable pairs was easily quadrupled by this search. As we learnt recently (1999) from the internet, Pederson and te Riele have again multiplied that number roughly by ten. While they give no information on their method of search, we publish here our method and summarize the computations. Our results provide some evidence for the conjecture that the number of amicable pairs is infinite.
[See [BH1986].]
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