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R. Burthe, Jr., "Further investigations with the strong probable prime test," Math. Comp., 65:213 (1996) 373--381.  MR 96d:11137
Abstract: Recently, Damgård, Landrock and Pomerance described a procedure in which a k-bit odd number is chosen at random and subjected to t random strong probable prime tests. If the chosen number passes all t tests, then the procedure will return that number; otherwise, another k-bit odd integer is selected and then tested. The procedure ends when a number that passes all t tests is found. Let pk,t denote the probability that such a number is composite. The authors above have shown that pk,t≤ 4-t when k≥ 51 and t≥ 1. In this paper we will show that this is in fact valid for all k≥ 2 and t≥ 1.
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