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This is the Prime Pages' interface to our BibTeX database.  Rather than being an exhaustive database, it just lists the references we cite on these pages.  Please let me know of any errors you notice.
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	author={P. Berrizbeitia },
	title={Sharpening "{P}rimes is in {P}" for a large family of numbers},
	note={Available from \url{}},
	annote={Author's summary: We give Deterministic Primality tests for large families
		of numbers. These tests were inspired in the recent and celebrated Agrawal-Kayal-Saxena
		(AKS) test. The AKS test has proved polynomial complexity O ((log n)^12)
		and they expect it to be O ((log n)^6) . Our tests have proved complexity
		O ((log n)^6). The complexity decreases to O ((log n)^4) as the power of
		2 dividing n + 1 or n - 1 increases. On large enough primes, our tests,
		in their worst case, run at least 2^9 times faster than the AKS test. }

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