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	author={C. Caldwell and Y. Gallot},
	title={On the primality of $n! \pm 1$ and $2 \times 3 \times 5 \times \cdots \times
		p \pm 1$},
	abstract={For each prime $p$ let $p\#$ be the product of the primes less than or equal
		to $p$. We have greatly extended the range for which the primality of $n!
		\pm 1$ and $p\# \pm 1$ are known and have found two new primes of the first
		form ($6380!+1, 6917!-1$) and one of the second ($42209\#+1$). We supply
		heuristic estimates on the expected number of such primes and compare these
		estimates to the number actually found.},
	journal= mc,
	volume= 71,
	year= 2002,
	number= 237,
	annote={Complete text: \href{}{DVI},
		\href{}{PDF} or 

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