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Fibonacci cofactor

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(up) Definitions and Notes

The Fibonacci numbers can be defined as follows:
u1 = u2 = 1 and un+1 = un + un-1 (n > 2).
It is easy to show that un divides unm (see primitive part of a Fibonacci number).

In the same way we defined a Mersenne cofactor, we define a Fibonacci cofactor to be a proper divisor of a Fibonacci number with a prime index.

(up) Record Primes of this Type

rankprime digitswhowhencomment
1U(78919)/15574900936381642440917 16471 c77 Sep 2020 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
2U(71983)/5614673 / 363946049 15028 c77 Nov 2018 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
3U(69239)/1384781 14464 c77 Sep 2018 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
4U(66947)/12485272838388758877279873712131648167413 13951 c77 Apr 2017 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
5U(61813)/594517433 / 3761274442997 12897 c77 Dec 2018 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
12337 c79 Apr 2015 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
7U(54799)/4661437953906084533621577211561 11422 c8 Jan 2015 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
8U(54521)/6403194135342743624071073 11370 c8 Jan 2015 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
9U(53189)/69431662887136064191105625570683133711989 11075 c8 Dec 2014 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
10U(51031)/95846689435051369 10648 c8 Sep 2014 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
9010 c8 Sep 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
12U(42829)/107130175995197969243646842778153077 8916 c8 Apr 2014 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
13U(42043)/1681721 8780 c56 Feb 2012 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
14U(40763)/643247084652261620737 8498 c8 Nov 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
15U(37987)/(16117960073 · 94533840409 · 1202815961509) 7906 c39 Sep 2012 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
16U(37217)/4466041 7771 c46 Dec 2011 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
17U(34897)/4599458691503517435329 7272 c8 Aug 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
18U(34807)/551750980997908879677508732866536453 7239 c8 Jul 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
19U(34607)/13088506284255296513 7213 c8 Jul 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP
7053 c8 Apr 2013 Fibonacci cofactor, ECPP

(up) References

J. Brillhart, P. Montgomery and R. Silverman, "Tables of Fibonacci and Lucas factorizations," Math. Comp., 50 (1988) 251--260.  MR 89h:11002
H. Dubner and W. Keller, "New Fibonacci and Lucas primes," Math. Comp., 68 (1999) 417--427.  MR 99c:11008 [A supplement gives the complete factorization of Fn and Ln for n>1000 whenever it is known.]
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