Prime Verification Status
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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

Before primes are added to the List of Largest Known Primes, they must be first be verified, comments must be checked and they must meet the size requirements.  Below we show the status of these primes (if any) that are awaiting verificiation (of any age) as well as those modified (for any reason) in the last 72 hours.  Click on the prime's id for more detailed information.  The color code is at the bottom of the page.

idprime digitswhowhencomment
129933499238 · 101497714 - 1 1497720 L4976 Sep 2019 Generalized Woodall (**)
129934583854 · 141167708 - 1 1338349 L4976 Sep 2019 Generalized Woodall (**)
12993133 · 23649810 + 1 1098704 L4958 Sep 2019 (**)
1299321323 · 22764024 + 1 832058 L1115 Sep 2019  
129935148 · 789204455 + 1 592325 L4944 Sep 2019  
1299306653706665536 + 1 512693 L4905 Sep 2019 Generalized Fermat
Prime Description Color Codes
CompositeProven composite
RemoveScheduled for deletion--too small or proven composite
UnTestedNot yet tested
InProcessCurrently being tested
Probable-primeShown to be a PRP, awaiting further testing (see note).
ProvenProven prime
ExternalProven prime, externally verified
Note:  Only proven primes are accepted on this list.  These colors refer the status of this list's (re)verification process only.
Rank/Id Color Codes
shortOn the short version of the list
yesOn the long version of the list
noNot on the current list
(unknown)Not yet re-ranked
Note:  This list is (re)ranked every 30 minutes.
Description Notation
\ back-quote (23\ 45 = 2345, used to allow long integers to line wrap)
# primorial (9# = 7*5*3*2)
!, !n factorial, multifactorial
Phi(n,x) nth cyclotomic polynomial evaluated at x

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Include those modified (for any reason) in the last hours. (Use 0 to just see those in process or awaiting verification.)
We at the Prime Pages attempt to keep a list of the 5000 largest known primes plus a few each of certain selected archivable forms.  To make the top 5000 today a prime must have 429433 digits or meet the size requirements for it's archivable form.  (Query time: 0.000696 seconds.)